WYA Training Benefits

After completing any yoga teacher training course with WYA from any authorized school/division/ affiliate member, after providing your official ID Number, you will receive these several benefits listed below.

  1. To maintain high-quality International yoga educational standards, our certified graduates can join unlimited “FREE Yoga Teacher Training” (Same Level) with any WYA Authorised Certified Yoga Schools (CYS) worldwide within 3 years.
    (T&C are applied according to our EYEP Standards)
  2. We provide quality yoga teacher training courses at our authorized yoga schools (CYT) by following a syllabus prepared by yoga professionals to maintain high-quality yoga standards.
  3. After complete your Yoga Teacher Training, the applicant can search there profile in the International Yoga Teachers Directory.
  4. Our Certified Yoga Teachers, authorized to work in their own country, will receive a 25% discount on registration in RTY section for a chance to work as a Certified Yoga Teacher in any other country. However, the registration as RTY is required after completing 2,000 Hours teaching experience.
  5. We offer continuous educational support such as internships, annual international conferences, seminars, and workshops so that our teachers can deepen their yoga knowledge and practice that will help them to feel more confident at teaching yoga.
  6. After RTY Registration, You can own WYA franchise (opportunity) so that you can establish your own institute, school or yoga center with the help of WYA. Please, feel free to get in touch if you would like some more information.