300 HRS YTTC Standards

This 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is a Level 2 yoga training course that follows further the syllabus and structure of the 200 Hours YTTC. Level 2 is designed for all those who have already completed the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training and would like to deepen and broaden their knowledge, becoming professional yoga teachers with the ability to become WYA Certified Yoga Trainers. If you haven’t graduated from a WYA 200 Hours YTTC, you will need to pass the orientation test to prove that you have the basic skills and knowledge to undertake more advanced course and continue the program. All those who already have the 200 Hours YTT WYA Certificate, upon completion, will receive a 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with World Yoga Alliance.

Level 2 of yoga teacher training further initiates and develops growth and knowledge you have received during the Level 1 course. World Yoga Alliance believes that your progress goes well beyond your physical ability and yoga poses, and it’s important that you focus on mastering your knowledge and teachings, including yoga history and philosophy, traditional yoga texts, as well as anatomy and physiology necessary to facilitate safe and healthy yoga practice. During your 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training you have the chance to expand and practice different yoga and meditation techniques, followed by teaching methodology, practical teaching, and workshops.

All those who successfully complete the 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training and receive a WYA Diploma, will enjoy various benefits and continuous support from the organization, becoming certified yoga teachers. A completion of the 300 Hours YTTC will give you the opportunity to become one of our teachers for Yoga Teacher Trainings with World Yoga Alliance, having your own public profile page listed on our official website, where you can advertise your classes, courses or events.  

WYA Certified 300 hr. Level – 2 YTTC Standard

Total 4 Weeks Training

  • Practical (total 172 hour with 131 contact hour)


Yoga Techniques: Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Kriyas, Mantras chanting, Therapy yoga Classes and Trainings for Core and various muscles 49 Hour
Class/Teaching Methodology: Art of Teaching, Quality of a teacher, Art of Adjustments & Assists, Principles of demonstration, fundamental Techniques, Class for Time management, Stress Management and Health Management through Ayurveda Principles and Fundamentals of Nature Cure 45 Hour
Business Plan: Voice level Management, Photo-shoot technique class to be Professional teacher, various ways of Yoga Marketing etc. 12 Hour
Group Meeting / Practice: Technique to become a Public Speaker 10 Hour
Practical Teaching & Workshop: Techniques to teach Inversions or Therapy

Workshop: students will lead professional yoga classes in any yoga studio.

15 Hour
  • Theoretical (total 128 hour with 87 contact hour)
Theory of Traditional Yoga Style:– Yoga Philosophy,

–       History & Background of Yoga

40 Hour
Traditional Yoga Texts & Selected Topics as below description: (Texts: Description in detailed on Gheranda Samhita and Shiva Samhita)


25 Hour
Anatomy and Physiology: 22 Hour
  • Homework (total 82 non-contact hours) 

Includes a personal practice of a specified yoga theoretical knowledge and practical techniques, journaling, and specific essay assignments