100 HRS YTTC Standards

100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is a standard training set by the World Yoga Alliance for all training organizers. This training is based on 200 Hours training subjects, which are divided into two sections, each of 100 hours. This is a primary beginner level yoga training for everyone who wants to learn and practice yoga, designed for people who want to complete 200 Hours YTT but aren’t able to do it at the same time. It’s very important that your training is done and completed with the same yoga school/teacher, so you can receive a diploma after each completed 100 Hours training. When you fully complete your 200 Hours Teacher Training Course, you can register with World Yoga Alliance to receive a 200 Hours Diploma and an official teacher license.

* Please, note that the same 100 Hours YTTC Standard will be followed twice in terms of hours given to practical and theoretical parts, as well as the homework.

WYA Certified Basic/Advanced 100 hr. Level YTTC Standard

Total 10 – 11 days Training

  • Yoga Practical Techniques (total 58 hour with 46 contact hour)

Training including the techniques of physical and mental level:

Asana and Prana Techniques: 30 Hour
Teaching Methodology: 6 Hour
Practical Teaching & Workshop: 10 Hour
  • Yoga Theoretical (total 42 hour with 30 contact hour)
Meditation: 8 hour
Theory of Yoga History & Practical: 18 Hour
Anatomy and Physiology: 8 Hour
  • Homework (total 24 non-contact hours)

Homework includes a personal practice of specified yoga theoretical knowledge and practical techniques, journaling, and specific essay assignments.