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We register yoga schools from all traditions and yoga styles whose teacher training courses meet our standards from 50 hours to 500-hours or above level (Including all levels) You can reach any “WYA affiliated yoga schools” nearby your location as under name as World Yoga Alliance organization.

After become WYA affiliated yoga schools that register with us are listed on our “Worldwide Yoga Directory” and at all social media pages as “Registered Yoga Schools” and are authorized to use the initials / logo “CYS” in their profile with their school name. Registered Yoga Schools are provided yoga teacher training courses that meet our training standards and they are entitled to deliver World Yoga Alliance Certification by WYA Divisions or Head Office.




1st Option

Here you can select your option to submit your Online RSY application with required documents. Once you get your confirmation, you will be requested to make the registration payment.


2nd Option

Please Download the application in PDF file and submit us via e-mail with required documents.



The following ancillary documents must be submitted via application form or email.

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) for the Director or the primary instructor if the director is not involve in the yoga teacher training course and any other supporting yoga instructor.
  • Photocopies of relevant diplomas and certificates must be submitted.
  • Details of history of the yoga school and a short description of the style and tradition of yoga that your school provides yoga teacher training course(s).
  • A copy of training syllabus for the yoga teacher training course(s), indicating clearly educational areas to cover, total number of contact and non-contact hour standards for each educational area. To see this details, please visit our Education Standards page
  • A copy of yoga teacher training course schedule.
  • A copy of “Code of Ethics” for the yoga teacher training courses. (WYA affiliated yoga schools must include their Code of Ethics in their curriculum and set a good example for their students)
  • A copy of student enrolment form which must clearly indicate the prerequisites of enrolment, educational qualifications and yoga experience of the student.
  • Please submit any brochures, catalogues, marketing and advertising materials that are used for promoting the yoga teacher training courses. (if available)
  • Please submit any other relevant documents that may be helpful for the application.
  • Attach your school’s logo, as you would like it to appear on any further graduate diplomas.

Applicants are requested to make a one-time payment for registration after their applications is being approved. The “License of School Registration” will be approved after the full payment.




The assessment process involves a thorough review by WYA Admin Team. The online meeting will be arranged on Skype or other ways (if required), It may be necessary for the WYA admin team to raise questions or seek clarification about the application. The whole processing will be completed in 4 weeks.




This code of conduct is the statement of ethical and professional behavior which is undertaken to respect and comply in full by all WYA yoga teachers.

  • Respect the privacy and personal rights of all students regardless of their age, handicap, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion.
  • Follow the traditional principles of yoga as it is written in Yamas and Niyamas.
  • Maintain a safe, comfortable and clean environment for the practice of yoga classes.
  • Respect the limitations of your students during the practice and encourage them with a positive manner.
  • Avoid any words and actions that can be considered as sexual harassment.
  • Follow all local and national laws that apply to teaching yoga and yoga business.


WYA Training Rules & Regulations:

(This document was last updated on April 2015)

  • To maintain the balance between Body and Mind harmony WYA affiliated schools always follows 50 % physical practice(Body) and 50 % mental growth (Mind)
  • Punctuality and participation in all classes are compulsory.
  • 92% attendance in the course very important and Participants must follow the time table and attend all theory, practical classes and all extra yoga activities set forth by schools.
  • Graduates who successfully complete the program with our affiliate school might eligible to become WYA certified yoga teacher (CYT Standards) or Registered Teacher of Yoga (RTY Standards) according to the course or training level.
  • The applicants should not join the program only interested in acquiring a WYA Certification because we believe in quality.
  • WYA education courses are not religious, non-sectarian, and non-political, all yoga trainings for spreading the traditional knowledge of yoga which is follows yoga lifestyle.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited in the Yoga school / Ashram area.
  • The trainees will take full responsibilities for their own health and wellbeing during the yoga teacher training course. The “WYA affiliated yoga schools” are not responsible for any injuries or other health problems that might occur because we always follow the principles of practicing yoga such as mindfulness techniques.
  • To know about the payment and refund policy or regulations stipulated for training, please contact with affiliate schools.