WYA Mission:

Our mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga.

This is our main objective to promote and support the yoga community (teachers and schools) to spread the authentic yoga principles, standards and practice worldwide. We want to ensure that all our members are provided with the necessary skills, knowledge and guidance to become a professional yoga teacher or yoga school and are encouraged to make yoga their life styles. Moreover; we are happy to offer support and self-development chances as well as future job opportunities to our community members in any WYA authorized yoga school around the world.

Our Vision:

Support and provide the new opportunities to yoga industry

As yoga is a system of the unity in diversity, our vision is to build a worldwide network of yoga teachers & schools by providing an international registry to join us and to promote the ones who have the common yoga belief and ethic with us. We value so much the protection of our authorized teachers, therapists and schools in the yoga industry and help them to improve their knowledge and spiritual growth by giving them chance to join our yoga events, workshops and seminars worldwide.