Fee Details

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Here are the fee details for registration and certification with our organization as a yoga teacher, yoga school or a partnership. Please be aware that there will be no refund after any payment. Therefore, Please be certain of your registration or certification before you make the payment.

Important Details:

  • Registration fee is valid for lifetime.
  • Annual renewal fee is not required, but members must notify themselves every year.


Acceptable Payments Methods:

Bank Transfer: If you choose to pay via Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer all payments must be net of bank and transfer fees. If you transfer money by bank service, please make sure you also pay for the bank and transfer fees. Ensure your name and details are clearly marked on the deposit description so that World Yoga Alliance can track this.


PayPal: If you choose the option for pay your fee by PayPal, then 4.5 % surcharge will apply. Here don’t require any PayPal account, just a need only credit card. Please kindly be aware that we do not accept checks or payments made over the phone.

If you have any problems during your payment, please feel free to contact with us anytime.

Registration and Membership Fee

Please confirm that you meet all application requirements prior to submitting payment. For any query, please contact us.