Know about WYA

World Yoga Alliance is the organization based in India, which is authorized to register any yoga teachers and yoga schools worldwide. To know more about us Click Here


  • Who can register with WYA Organization? What are the requirements?

Answer: Whether you are a yoga teacher or a yoga school/ studio/fitness club anywhere in the world you can register with WYA Organization. Please check our Membership Guideline under Registration Standards section on our web page.

  • What is the “WYA rules and regulations” for Yoga Schools?

Answer: Please, kindly check our registration standards menu on our web page. You can read all the details under Registered Schools – code of conduct section or Click Here

  • What is the “WYA rules and regulations” for Yoga Teachers?

Answer: Please, kindly check our registration standards. You can read all details under Registered Teachers –  code of conduct section by Clicking Here


  • Can I teach anywhere in the world with WYA Certification?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to teach anywhere in the world with WYA Certification after you complete your teacher training with any authorized WYA school. It is an international Yoga Teacher Certification which is valid for a lifetime and allows you to share your yoga knowledge anywhere you go.

  • Where can I find WYA Certification Programme, and how can I apply?

Answer: Please check our Event Page or go to our School Directory to find the best certification program for you.

  • I am a registered and certified yoga school with WYA. How can I apply for the certification of my graduates?

Answer: Please, kindly find CYT application form on your school profile (Contact us) and submit it with the required documents of your graduate student.

  • How do you provide a unique ID number? Once the students have their ID number, can they see it on your organization’s International Directory ?

Answer: The unique ID Number is provided by our administration team to all registered teachers, schools and certified members. You can find your ID number at the top corner of your certificate. With this ID number, everybody can track the authorized members and see all the details such as name, city, province, country. Please, check our member benefits to see all the benefits offered to our certified yoga teachers.


  • Who are the providers of WYA Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world?

Answer: WYA Registered Yoga Schools and Divisions around the world can provide yoga teacher trainings. Please, kindly find these details on our Schools Directory.

  • Does WYA Organization arrange any yoga teacher training itself?

Answer: No, WYA Organization doesn’t arrange any yoga teacher training. The organization only provides free continuous yoga education standards and benefits for the certified members.

  • How do I find a teacher training program registered with World Yoga Alliance?

Answer: Please, kindly check our events page on our website.


  • What is your payment and refund policy for registration?

Answer: There is no application fee for the registration. In case the applicant is eligible for registration, we kindly ask for the registration fee. Please, be informed that there will be no refund after you make your payment to the organization. Therefore, please make sure of your registration as RSY (school) or RTY (teacher) before you make the payment.

  • What is your payment and refund policy for TTC events?

Answer: WYA Organization doesn’t get any payment for any TTC. The payments are only made to the related yoga schools. Payment process may change from school to school as some schools ask for the full amount in advance and some of them arrange three times installment payment. The refund policy may also change from school to school, so we kindly ask you to contact the related school to check their refund policy before you book your training.


  • How do I renew my registration? Is there any fee for renewals?

Answer: As we are closely linked to our mission, we are happy to promote and support our registered members for a lifetime. Therefore, WYA doesn’t apply any renewal fee for their members. They are only requested to contact our admin team every year to update their teacher/school profiles.


  • How do I search for a yoga teacher and school on the International directory?

Answer: Please, kindly go to the Featured Resources section on the main page of the website and choose “ find a teacher/school “ card in this section. Or Please Click Here