Education Standards

World Yoga Alliance is an International Board for Yoga education. 

We host the Yoga Business conferences, seminars and workshops by our divisions in different countries throughout the year to fulfill our yoga and health educational mission. Our Registered Members receive Discounts on events and other courses organized by the WYA and Free for Certified Members ongoing educational support in the form of conferences, seminars and workshops. Topics and materials presented support the continued education of our yoga teachers, schools, Institutions and studios.

Find your continuous yoga education standard with our community.

Those completes the Yoga Teacher Training Course with “World Yoga Alliance” affiliated Divisions or Schools given below sample Certificate for Students by WYA Organization.

To provide High Standards Education of Yoga in Worldwide with WYA Member Schools
Benefits to get the WYA Certificate:

We provide unique ID Number for each certified graduates. Allowing you to attend the free training course with our Divisions within 2 years (After complete your training with World Yoga Alliance Certification)

50 hour

100 hour

200 hours

300 hour

Continuation from the 200 hour TTC, except with added postures and asana, more in depth look into Marma Therapy and Mantra Chanting, further practice of Pranayama Techniques and Meditation Guidance classes. Taking your practice deeper and focused.

link 300hr

500 hour

This is an ideal opportunity for those who are already practicing yoga and have a daily yoga practice. We recommend this 500 hour course for those who want to discover finer alignment and pose flow. For students who already have a 200 hours course this is the perfect way to use your skills and find new ways of teaching, new information and more in depth investigation of Prana science, traditional Hatha yoga principles and asana practice and more.

WYA Training Benefits

Our Standards of Good Yoga Practice are based on deep traditions of yogic practice and lifestyle. WYA is committed to spreading the traditional Hatha Yoga traditions worldwide, to keep true to our vision.

Continuous Yoga Education

We provide free continuous yoga education standards to our certified yoga teachers (CYT) who have already completed one of any READ MORE……….