We maintain a worldwide Yoga schools Registry for our members to be recognized and to be promoted worldwide with the continuous education standards with WYA. Schools are required to provide their ID numbers in order to get the benefits.


  • World Yoga Alliance (WYA) affiliation and registration is recognized worldwide as an International Yoga School, Studio, Center and Institution.
  • World Yoga Alliance Organization is known to set forth high standards for yoga directory and yoga training programs.
  • Our members are able to apply for Professional and Public Liability Insurance.
  • Permission to use all WYA acronym and logo RSY and CYS on letterhead,brochure, flyers, website, business cards etc.
  • You are able to use our educational standards, syllabuses and examinationsystem.
  • Accreditation from World Yoga Alliance (WYA) enhances your credibilitynationally and internationally.
  • An increased amount of students by WYA community who will join your school.
  • Have your own public profile page in our website where you can advertiseclasses, courses and promote your own yoga events and yoga studio.
  • Free participation in our Annual Global Conferences and WYA Family Event where you’ll be able to display your art of teaching and promote your schoolglobally.
  • Continuing educational support and %15 discount for accredited schools of WYAin conferences, seminars, events & workshops organized by World Yoga Alliance


  • Academic support in order to establish your own business.
  • Chance to work with WYA Community as a Committee Member.
  • Registered members with Yoga Alliance U.S.A or a similar recognizedorganizations could convert their registration into WYA to get all benefits.