450 HRS YTTC Standards

450 Hours YTTC is a Level 3 advanced yoga training course designed for all those who would like to take their yoga experience and practice to the highest level. The WYA 450 Hours yoga teacher training covers a variety of topics, broadening the philosophy and fundamentals of yoga, as well as developing your knowledge of physiology and anatomy, helping you achieve further physical and mental growth. All those who have completed 200 and 300 Hours YTTC have a chance to work on the experience of individual self – improvement and discover yoga beyond borders. Level 3 advanced yoga teacher training will definitely shift your teaching and your life, helping you create a profound relationship with your yoga practice, and achieve what’s important for you.

We believe that one should always strive to live in a way that their life makes a positive difference not just for themselves, but also touching the hearts of all those around. WYA wants you to grow and master your yoga practice, as well as personal development, so you can share your skills, spread the wisdom and positive energy wherever you go. The 450 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course helps you improve everything you have already learned and deepen the spiritual practice of yoga and meditation.

All those who already have a WYA 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Diploma, upon successful completion, will receive 950 Hours YTT Certificate, with the opportunity to become leaders in our WYA yoga teacher training courses. Those who have completed 500 Hours with any non-WYA school, upon completion, will receive 450 Hours Teacher Training WYA Diploma.