100 HRS YTTC Standards

This is a training standard set forth by World Yoga Alliance Organization for all training organizers. It is based on 200 hours training subjects which is divided into two sections; each 100 hour. However; all organizers can set a specific topic for training such as pregnancy, kids or ariel YTTC etc according to the requirements of the participations.

WYA Certified Basic/Advanced 100 hr. Level YTTC Standard

Total 10 – 11 days Training


  • Yoga Practical Techniques (total 58 hour with 46 contact hour)

Training including in the techniques of physical and mental level:


Asana and Prana Techniques: 30 Hour
Teaching Methodology: 6 Hour
Practical Teaching & Workshop: 10 Hour


  • Yoga Theoretical (total 42 hour with 30 contact hour)


Meditation: 8 hour
Theory of Yoga History & Practical: 18 Hour
Anatomy and Physiology: 8 Hour


  • Homework (total 24 non-contact hours)

It is Includes personal practice of Specified yoga theoretical knowledge and practical techniques, journaling and specific essay assignments